During the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, in the Summer of 2020 I decided to purchase my first camera. I always had a love of taking pictures; I would stop, smell the roses and take a pic of any moment I felt was beautiful. One early morning in August of 2020, I made my way to the Brooklyn Bridge. Sunrise was at 6:15am and my Uber driver made it to the beginning of the Brooklyn side of the bridge a couple of minutes prior to sunrise. I jumped out the car and noticed it was so quiet, no hustle and bustle of people in the streets, no honking horns, not even a breeze. The air and Brooklyn was just still. I hastened my steps to reach the middle of the bridge so I can capture the sun rising over the East River. There were just a few people on Brooklyn Bridge this early. Some were having photoshoots of their engagements, others seemed to want to test my boxing skills (nervous smile). I stayed calm, stayed smart, and stayed focused. And then there it was – the sun’s rays reflecting off of the bricks that formed the iconic landmark Brooklyn Bridge. I snapped away, taking burst shots. The featured image posted for this blog post is one of those burst shots. And, it is in fact my favorite picture of Brooklyn to this date. Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way!