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Tree of Life | La Free Imagery
Tree of Life

I love gazing at trees. They represent the essence of life to me.

Ruby Love | La Free Imagery
Ruby Love

A single red rose means love at first sight, your ruby love forever.

A Rainbow Spring | La Free Imagery
A Rainbow Spring

A rainbow of colors enveloped Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

Vantage Point | La Free Imagery
Vantage Point

I had the absolute most beautiful vantage point peering through the leaves of trees in Central Park.

Stairway to Possibilities | La Free Imagery
Stairway to Possibilities

If you were presented with a stairway, where would you want that stairway to lead you to?

Colorful Paths | La Free Imagery
Colorful Paths

Central Park's colorful paths in full fall foliage.

Purple Rain | La Free Imagery
Purple Rain

I called this beautiful horse 'Purple Rain' as it was strolling in Central Park.

Winter Heaven | La Free Imagery
Winter Heaven

content grace

Pink Grace | La Free Imagery
Pink Grace

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Autumn Beauty | La Free Imagery
Autumn Beauty

One of my favorite moments captured - the beauty of Central Park in Autumn.

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