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Dangling Galaxies | La Free Imagery
Dangling Galaxies

I gaze up at the moon, stars and planets and just be in awe. There are over 100 billion galaxies in the universe. Puts things in perspect...

Cascading Blossoms | La Free Imagery
Cascading Blossoms

There are beautiful flowers everywhere you turn in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Tree of Life | La Free Imagery
Tree of Life

I love gazing at trees. They represent the essence of life to me.

Corona Mornings | La Free Imagery
Corona Mornings

Corona Mornings on Esplanade Avenue.

Prayers for Ukraine | La Free Imagery
Prayers for Ukraine

Prayers for Ukraine are being sent from New Orleans.

Sad Easter | La Free Imagery
Sad Easter

Easter decorations amidst the homelessness epidemic in America. Like Tupac said - America has money for war, but can't feed the poor.

Window of Hope | La Free Imagery
Window of Hope

Hope, Faith and Love resides at this house.

Racism Is A Sin | La Free Imagery
Racism is a Sin

In case you forgot...racism is a sin.

Bourbon and Esplanade | La Free Imagery
Bourbon and Esplanade

From the lively streets of Bourbon to the quiet oak lined streets of Esplanade.

Happy Street | La Free Imagery
Happy Street

Walking in the French Quarter of New Orleans, I came upon this sunny, colorful and happy street.

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